Apr 21, 2015

For the Earth Day--2 ways to make plastic yarn

In this video. I will teach you how to use recycled plastic grocery bag to make continuing yarn.

2 ways to make plastic yarn

If you use the 2nd way to cut the bag the same width of the 1st way, you will get double thickness yarn than using the 1st way.

We are going green!

Two Chart to explain Moth Wing Top Pattern

I got a question on Revelry about my design Moth Wing Top Pattern. Here is the question:

"The problem is after you move the stitch marker on row 25, you then have 3 extra stitches when beginning row 3 of the right wing. Row 1 of the right wing is fine but the extra 3 stitches have not been accounted for on row 3. I completely understand how this is supposed to look but as written it is not working for me. I have ripped this out 3 times. Sorry but I think there may be a problem."

These charts for explain the pattern after 25th row.

Center Panel Patt+Left wing Patt

Center Panel Patt+Right wing Patt 

Row 25 Work Row 1 of Left Wing patt (Sl 1, knit to 2 sts before next yo from previous RS row (see Notes), *yo, k2tog, k13; rep from * to 2 sts before m, yo, k2tog.) to m, remove
m, k3, pm, work Row 1 of Center Lace Panel chart over 37 sts (inc’d to 39 sts), pm, k3, remove m, work Row 1 of Right Wing patt (ssk, yo, k13; rep from * until last st worked is above last yo from previous RS row (see Notes), ssk, yo, knit to end) to end—2 sts inc’d. 

Row 27 Work Row 3 of Left Wing patt (Sl 1, knit to 2 sts before next yo from previous RS row, *yo, k2tog,k13; rep from * to 7 sts before m, yo, k2tog, knit to m) to m,  work Row 3 of Center Lace Panel chart, k4, work Row 3 of Right Wing patt (K2, *ssk, yo, k13; rep from * until last st worked is above last yo from previous RS row, ssk, yo, knit to end.) to end—2 sts inc’d. 

The chart only showing the RS rows. The red lines are where you place marker. 
I hope these charts can help you out!

Apr 17, 2015


It has been so long since last time my blog was updated.

Busy is always a good excuse.

There are multiple things going on lately.

One thing is: I have the following designs have been published in magazines after last time I updated my blog.

Gingham Scarf
 Interweave Knits, Gifts 2014

Another thing: 2015, my online knitting weekly show <A new vision of knitting> (in Chinese mandarin ) has been launched in 3 Chinese websites and Youtube. There are eight episodes out there so far.
Here is my Youtube link. Please subscribe and see the updates of new episodes.

Third thing: I am working with a Chinese company called Knitlife and manage an online education website huibianzhi which is under Knitlife since Aug 2014.
Every thing going really well but REALLY BUSY. 
Hope I will be able to update my blog more often.

PTW: Now I set up a new fb page "Moon's designs"for my design work. Where you can found my most publications and links of all episodes.