May 8, 2014

TNNA 2014 Indianapolis Trade Show

What a great experience for me to join the TNNA and attend the 2014 trade show in Indianapolis. Thank you my dear friend Michele!

That was great 2 days to meet people who are experts on all kinds of fields, got to touch all the yarns, tools and beautiful garments. I was in heaven.

I also got a great big surprise. My design Sun dance dress was showing on the T- stage. I hadn't know that and hadn't read the program until I saw she was coming out with my dress. "THAT IS MINE!" Yes! that was the words I yelled after I saw it. I didn't prepare for that. Look how bad the picture I took. :( I hope I can get some better pics from somewhere else.

Here are some other beautiful designs. The pics that I took are all better than my own design.