Oct 24, 2013

For my Loved little one -- Note

This is my newest design. I am really enjoy doing this. It is a fast project to make for my sweet Note. I make him one before, but it is getting too small. I LOVE to look at him wearing it, even it is 65 out side. 
The pattern for this lovely sweater is now available for you to purchase and download in my Ravelry store:

The pattern for this sweater is really clear. There are both Charts and Written pattern. 

Cannot wait to have the cold weather!

This dog sweater is a perfect winter outfit or Christmas gift for your loved little ones. It is very comfortable. The red color gives a warm, cozy, and Christmas feeling. 
It is worked from side to side. It starts at the right side of the chest, then cast on stitches for the lower body. After main body part is finished, pick up stitches for leg hole, collar and the edge under chest. When you sew the first pair of snaps into the collar, leave 1/2” more distance from the edge than others. So without decreases, around the neck will be an inch smaller. Use sl st for the first st of every row. 
There are 4 sizes available, XS, S, M, L 
Gauge: 22s X 26r = 4” in Cable Pattern. 
Stitch Marker (m); Stitch holder, Tapestry needle. 3 pair of 1/2” snaps. 
I used 2 hanks of color : speeding ticket (red) 
The cold weather is coming and Christmas is close. Let’s make one for him (her).

Oct 21, 2013

Newly Published Project -- Swoopy Cowl--Interweave Crochet Accessory 2014

I am really excited about this one.

The model is so pretty. Isn't this neat to wear it with some boat/round neck sweater? 

Here I also post pictures of my original  piece. Hope it will give you some more ideas about the color choices.
You can buy the digital magazine in Crochet me web

Oct 19, 2013

Apex Shawl design

For this design, I used two kinds of very different yarn that in the same color family. I want to show the contrast character between both yarn. I am really satisfied with them. It has wide color and yarn choices, but make sure, those two kind of yarn weight cannot be so different. For both shawls, I used fingering weight for Yarn A, and lace weight for Yarn B. You only need two 50g ball (skein) of Yarn A, one 20-25g ball of Yarn B. 
The brown one I made for Downtown Knits in down town Apex, North Carolina.

This shawl is worked from bottom up. Increase the center and both sides to make a triangle. Two different kinds of yarn which makes the shawl has contrasting stripes. The eyelet open work added some texture feeling between stripes. It is easy and fun to work with. The most important part is when you wear it on. You look absolutely elegant. 

This pattern now is available for purchase and dowload in my Ravelry store.


Oct 1, 2013

New Design for Downtown Knits--Berber Fingerless Gloves

Now I am working with Downtown Knits, an excellent local yarn shop. This is the first design for Downtown Knits. http://www.downtownknits.com/
The pattern now is available in my ravelry store http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/berber-fingerless-gloves

These long fingerless gloves worked in rnds. I suggest you use this Debbie Bliss Milano yarn. It is really gives a fabric feeling. There are 3 sizes M L XL for you. Materials required: US 7/4.5mm, US 8/5.0mm, Double point needles, or work magic loop by using circular needle; Stitch Marker; Sitich holder; Tapestry needle.For size M & L, use 2 balls of yarn, for size L, 3 balls. 
YARN Debbie Bliss, Milano two to three 50g balls, 40% Wool, 28% Polyamide, 18% Silk, 8% Polyester, 6% Acrylic.

Arn't they lovely!!!! I love them! How about you?