Sep 23, 2015

Kaolin Tunic -- Newest Published in Knitscene Winter 2015

There are more and more different Ethnic Styles on runways these days. The inspiration of this design came from the Han Zu women’s clothes in Qing Dynasty, China. 
I always like linen stitch. The characteristic of it is the slip stitch. That made me think of the connection between linen stitch and mosaic knitting. So I changed the color every two rows to make this beautiful Baby Breath pattern. It works much easier than it looks.

The sweater is worked from the top down. It is seamless. The sleeves and hip have a trumpet shape. All the increases are worked in pattern. 

The pictures shown in Knitscene below by Knitscene/Harper Point Photography

I used a different yarn and different color, Queensland Collection Leché for my original one. BIG thank you to my friends: Model,
Irina Martinson and Photographer, Matt McKay.

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